MAKE YOUR TIRES LAST LONGER with PurigeN 98 High Purity Nitrogen in your tires.

PurigeN98 High Purity Nitrogen tire inflation stabilizes tire pressure better than air.  That means less heat build up and less tread wear leading to longer tire life.  Why risk driving on under inflated air filled tires?  Under inflated tires cause accidents, reduce fuel economy costing more in gas, and lead to premature tire wear.  You will save more now and down the road with PurigeN98 High Purity Nitrogen Tire Inflation! 

Compressed air can be a tires's worst enemy.  Air is usually oily and wet, a nasty combintion that destroys tire rubber compounds- not an issure with PurigeN98 Nitrogen, which contains less than 2% oxygen and is completely moisture free!  To receive maximum tire performance, proper tire inflation is critical.  with air that's a constant struggle.  With PurigeN98, its a snap! 

Benefits of PurigeN98 High Purity Nitrogen:

Increased fuel economy

Maximum tire life

Improved vehicle handling

Increased Safety

Reduce Tire Inflation Dash Light Warnings

Longer tread wear

Smoother Ride

Call or stop in and talk to one of our service advisors on the many benefits and low cost of adding PurigeN98 High Purity Nitrogen to your vehicle today!

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