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Toyota Safety Sense Provides An Extra Layer Of Safety

A vehicle can have all of the bells and whistles, look absolutely stunning, and have a powertrain that racecar drivers would yearn for, but if it doesn't contain safety features, than we, here at Everett Toyota, don't want to have it on our lot. Safety is a top priority and we are thrilled to see that Toyota has taken safety as seriously as our customers do. All of the 2018 Toyota models include Toyota Safety Sense and all of its outstanding technological safety features. This means, that no matter what trim level, you will be guarded by Toyota Safety Sense!

What Is Toyota Safety Sense?

Toyota Safety Sense, or TSS, is a collection of active safety features that monitor the road around you, alert you, either visually or audibly, if any collisions are imminent, and may even brake or swerve for you, if necessary. The included systems are:

  • Pre-Collison System

    A camera has been integrated into your vehicle that watches the road in front of you. If it detects that you are getting too close to a vehicle in your path it will alert you. If you still don't pay attention it will utilize Brake Assist and try to avoid the collision or at least lessen the damage.

    If you upgrade to the PCS with Pedestrian Detection, your Toyota will also monitor for smaller things, like pedestrians, bikers, and larger animals.

  • Lane Departure Alert

    If you are traveling faster than 32 miles-per-hour your LDA will activate. This system observes the road around you and, if you should happen to veer into the other lane, will warn you to move back over.

    If you have upgraded to the Toyota Safety Sense P, your LDA will also include Steering Assist. If you don't correct your lane departure yourself, this feature will make slight adjustments to get you back on track.

  • Automatic High Beams

    Don't worry about having to turn your high beams on and off while you're driving at night. The AHB detects if a vehicle is coming in the other lane and will lower them for you. Once the vehicle has passed it will turn them back on.

  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

    This amped up cruise control keeps your Toyota moving smoothly on any highway. Set the distance you want to maintain between vehicles in front of you and allow DRCC to do its job. It will slow down or speed up to keep your preset distance accordingly.

    If you have Full-Speed DRCC, than you can also use this system on low-speed roads as well as for matching speeds.



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